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We house an expansive library of certified diamonds, both mined and lab, ranging from <1 carat to 100+ carats. Here we invite you to browse and learn about some of the more popular shapes available. 

Certain notable stones are highlighted on our Instagram account @summersetnyc. Don't hesitate to reach out if one catches your eye, since our inventory tends to move quickly.

Once you've found your perfect stone, then the fun begins...

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The Stone Room

Pear Also known as teardrops, pear shaped diamonds are visually striking and often used at the...
Marquise Marquise diamonds are having a moment. This historic shape is one of the “spreadiest” options,...
Antique cushion
Antique cushion Before cutting technology progressed, it was difficult to achieve such tiny facets common in modern...
Round Round diamonds are the most classic and familiar of the shapes. Unlike fancy shapes, round...
Emerald Emerald diamonds are the most popular step-cut shape. Step-cut refers to the long rectangular facets...
Cushion Cushion shaped diamonds are just that: pillowy looking stones with rounded corners. They can be...
Natural vs. lab diamonds

Much has been written online already about the differences between lab and natural diamonds; if you’re interested in reading about the history and growing methods of lab diamonds, we recommend reading this short article by GIA.

Summerset makes luxury jewelry out of both natural mined diamonds as well as lab grown diamonds. Diamonds possess an inherent hardness and unique beauty, no matter their origin.

However, not all lab diamonds are equal. Just as there is a difference in the quality of diamond rough that comes from the Earth, the same is true of diamond rough grown in a lab, before it is cut and polished. Lower quality growth usually results in a gray or brown tint (which is not recorded on the diamond color scale), or cloudiness inside the stone. Summerset is committed to quality at every stage, and as such, we only work with top tier rough to ensure the best possible finished look.

Because the supply of lab diamonds is not inherently constrained in the way that mined diamonds are, lab diamonds are a more affordable option, making it possible to create, buy, and wear larger or more intricate fashion pieces.

All of our stones–lab and natural–are grown and sourced ethically and sustainably.

We always specify the type of diamond used in our pieces, so you can make the choice that’s right for you.